High End Shared Web Hosting

Regular Hosting

(Non-DDoS Protected Hosting)
Packages Start From
$ 3.60* 7 Days Free Trial
  • Low-cost and effortless hosting

DDoS Protected Hosting

Packages DP1, DP2 and DP3
Packages Start From
$ 20.99* 7 Days Free Trial
50% discount on Zama DP1, Zama DP2 and Zama DP3 packages
Coupon Code: 50DP22
  • Protection Up to 20 Gbps/20 Million PPS
  • DC Location: USA
  • SSD Technology
  • 24/7 tech support
7 Day
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

* Price for Triennially Packages

Which Hosting Package Should I Choose?
If you are running a regular website, then we suggest you go for Non-DDoS Protected Hosting (Zama R1, Zama R2 or Zama R3). If you running any kind of HYIP, MLM, Cycler, Surf or any Money Making website, then it is better to use DDoS Protected Hosting.