Prevent DDoS Attacks with a DDoS Protected Server

Planning a huge site with tons of members? Just like your well wisher friends, we also recommend you to go for a DDoS Protected dedicated server. Go for any of the below plans and stand into the market with strong feet.

The best thing about dedicated server hosting is that the resources of the server are not shared with anyone. If you want an offshore dedicated server, then opt for one of our DDoS protected dedicated server plans, which will give you great flexibility, enhanced security and stellar performance.You will also get great power and storage. In addition, you will get fully managed support. You don’t have to lose sleep over setup and maintenance of your server. Our managed server hosting is apt for you if you are looking for best HYIP hosting. We are one of the best HYIP hosting providers.

The following are some of our best selling DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers. We also offer Custom Dedicated Servers. Just open a ticket to the Sales Department and mention your budget and the sales team will give you a custom server quotation.

Choose Your DDoS Protected Dedicated Server


DDoS Protected Dedicated Server








Available Add-ons

DDoS Protected Dedicated Server

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS)

We recommend using LiteSpeed for your Dedicated Servers. LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a high-performance Apache drop-in replacement. It is 9 times faster that Apache and increases PHP performance by 50%.

DDoS Protected Dedicated Server

Backup Service

Backup service (up to 250 GB Storage Space) - $15/month

Backup service (up to 500 GB Storage Space) - $25/month

*Depends on availability of the server at data center. Sometimes, provisioning of a server may take more time. If the server is not available, then we will refund you your amount.

*Server Location – We have servers in other locations like the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Poland. If you require a server for a particular location, just contact the Sales Team.

Our DDoS Protected Servers are perfect as a HYIP hosting solution. Choose any of our plans or contact the Sales Team for a custom server quote. Prevent DDoS Attacks with our servers today.