Why DDoS Shared Hosting from ZamaHost!

Let’s talk this straight. No exaggerations, No misguidance, Just few words with simple and clean facts. Have a look at the features of our hosting services.

Higher Protection

Do you know as per a recent survey, average size of DDoS attacks launched in 2013 was more than 2.5 Gbps. And increasing day by day. That's why we provide 10Gb DDoS protection in all of our plans.

Dedicated IP Address

We know how it feels when your site goes down because of the attack on the shared server. That's why we offer dedicated IPs to stay secure and unaffected.

LiteSpeed Server

Its wiser to use Litespeed over Apache now. It is 9 times faster that Apache and increases PHP performance by 50%. And it is the best for Ruby on Rail performance.


cPanel is the best hosting control panel out there. It is leading the market since many years. And it is certainly the most favourite control panel of Admins and Tech teams worldwide.

Quick and Easy Support

We provide 24/7 support for any of your queries. Technical queries get gauranteed response within an hour and take maximum 6 hours for resolution. So, you'll never stay unattended in case of emergency.

Raid 10 Technology

Simply saying its said 'crashproof'. it provides very high I/O rates for the great performance and at the same time 'fault tolerance'. So, you can be sure about the protection & performance of the site.

Latest Hardwares

Our servers are loaded with latest Intel Xeon E series processors with 32Gb RAM. Don't worry, your site will be in our safe servers guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

Limited Accounts

You never need to worry about the overfilling of accounts on the server even when you are using Regular hosting. We always limit them to ensure sufficient server resources for each site.

Daily Backups

Stay relaxed as your data is completely secure with our R1Soft Daily backup feature. Future is unpredictable but your position should stay unbreakable. Have backups. Stay relaxed.

Free Transfers

If you are already hosting your site somewhere and want to switch to our service, we would be more than happy to help you migrate data to our servers. We offer free cPanel to cPanel transfers.

Ultimate Security

Security is provided at all the ports of the server. Our servers are ready to cope up with any type of attacks. Systems are updated regularly and new techniques are always taken care here.

9 Days Money Back

We allow you to leave with all your money if you are not satisfied with our services. We always try our best to provide you the best of the services. Still, you are safe with your money. Nothing to lose.

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