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Which VPS plan Should I Choose?

Choosing VPS Hosting can be a daunting task. If you’re a Technical person and do not require setting up and maintaining the VPS Server, then the best option for you is our best Unmanaged VPS hosting whereby no technical support is offered. You will need to manage everything from your end. If you require technical help with your virtual private server like setting up and maintenance, then go for our Managed Virtual Server plans. With our virtual server hosting, you’ll get the cheapest VPS along with Best VPS service. Our VPS server hosting gives you complete control over your server.

VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting

Why VPS Servers?

A web hosting service required for your site to be online. You need to buy hosting from a hosting provider. Various web hosting options are available like shared hosting, VPS server and Dedicated Server. Now, the questions is which hosting should you use. Shared hosting is entry level hosting. You can host a static site or a small website.

A Virtual Private Server is for those who are facing sluggishness with their shared hosting. ZamaHost offers the best VPS plans. With VPS Hosting, you can host multiple websites in a single VPS. A Virtual Server comes with more resources like memory, processor and hard drive. It gives users better peformance and they have full control over their Virtual Machine. If you want your own server, but do not have a budget for a dedicated server, then the best option for you is to get best VPS hosting. A VPS server price is less than the one of a dedicated server.

Benefits of VPS server hosting are many. Firstly, it’s the cost. You can get a Cheap VPS at a very good price. The control of the VPS virtual private server remains with you. You will have the root details with you. Security is a huge concern for businesses today. Security for the best managed VPS hosting is very good. We offer managed VPS with cpanel. So, you don’t have to purchase your cPanel license separately.

Again there are two types of VPS servers available at ZamaHost: Unmanaged VPS hosting and fully managed VPS hosting. With an unmanaged VPS server, you’ll need to handle the server maintenance and security from your end. We will give you the server and you will need to handle everything from your end like installing the control panel, monitoring the server, fixing technical problems, and other maintenance. We provide the best unmanaged VPS at affordable pricing. 

With a managed VPS server, we will assist you with the maintenance and security. We will setup your VPS, perform OS an other updates regularly, install security patches, monitor the server. Also, if you face any issue, our support team is available 24/7 to assist you. As a VPS provider, it is our endeavor to offer you the best managed VPS. It is possible to get a cheap VPS server from us. 

Our pricing is very competitive. Plus our VPS Platform is very reliable and gives super performance. We also ofer DDoS Protected VPS if you are looking for DDoS Protected hosting. If you are looking for a virtual server hosting that offers best value for money, then look no further than ZamaHost. Buy VPS today.