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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate works through a cryptographic system between a site and a visitor’s browser. By guaranteeing that all information that passes between the two remains private and secure, SSL encryption prevents hackers from taking private data and your clients can have enhanced trust on your site. This certificate shows clients that your business is honest-to-goodness and that it is protected to conduct business with you on the web. Please note that the Domain Validation SSLs do not require any paperwork whereas you will need to furnish official documentation to the SSL Company for Organization Validation and Extended Validation SSLs.

Buy SSL Certificate by Brand
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Starts at only

$8.76/Per Year

Starts at only

$11.99/Per Year

Starts at only

$40.00/Per Year

Starts at only

$23.34/Per Year

Buy SSL Certificate by Type

Get various types of SSL Certificates right here. You will surely find an SSL Certificate that will secure your website. Click Here to get an SSL Certificate by Type


Please purchase the Organization Validation and Extended Validation SSLs only if you have complete official company documentation as it is compulsory to provide documentation to the SSL provider. Also, these type of certificates requires a telephonic verification call back from the SSL provider for the issuance of the certificate.

Domain Validation

Domain-level validation is a no-frills kind of SSL and these certificates offer encryption-only. It is easy to get these certificates and they are issued in no time and are usually low-priced. The verification process is simple which involves checking of domain ownership.

SSL Certificates

from $8.76 / Yr

Comodo PositiveSSL
Organization Validation

These SSL certificates involves the validation of the business of the domain. Organization validation gives a more advanced level of security. Therefore, your clients will have the confidence in your server and will realize that their information is safe.

SSL Certificates

from $49.40 / Yr

Comodo InstantSSL
Extended Validation

Extended Validation is the most superior type of validation. Prior to issuing this certificate, a detailed inspection is conducted by the certifying authority. This SSL offers the highest level of authentication, safety and user trust to your website.

SSL Certificates

from $119.04 / Yr

Comodo EV SSL
SSL Features
Increase Customer Trust

Boost your customers' confidence in your business with an SSL certificate as many only share sensitive information in websites that have an SSL Lock icon

Improve SEO Rankings

Websites that have SSL Certificates installed enjoy a better ranking by Google. So, acquire an SSL Certificate to improve your SEO ranking

Optimum Security

Get optimum security for the visitors of your website with our SSLs that offer up to 256-bit encryption

Free SSL Installation

We offer free SSL installation if you purchase an SSL Certificate from us and if your have hosting at ZamaHost.

Secure Seal

The Secure Seal of an SSL certificate ensures clients that their information and transactions are secure and private

Money Back Guarantee

We have a 10-day money back guarantee on our SSL certificates if you are not satisfied with your SSL certificate