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        • We have various shared hosting plans that include Regular and DDoS Protected Hosting. Click here to check out the plans.

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        • Now you can have your own virtual private server at a very affordable cost. Options are available for both Non-DDoS and DDoS Protection.

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        • Enjoy powerful hosting with a dedicated server. Both Non-DDoS and DDoS Protected dedicated servers are available.

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        • Embrace cloud hosting with AWS cloud solutions. Get the most powerful and best in class hosting for your website today.

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        • Grab a domain of your choice today at unbelievable prices. We offer a wide of range of TLDs. So, go ahead and register a domain name now!

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        • Our domain prices are most competitive and easy on the pocket. Check out our domain rates and purchase a domain for your business

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        • You will certainly enjoy a whole lot of features when you buy a domain at ZamaHost. Explore our domain features right here

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        • SSL Certificates are an inexpensive and the best way to secure your transactions and data. Get an SSL for your website and build confidence of your customers

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        • SiteLock
        • SiteLock keeps your site safe from online threats, hackers and removes malware. Get a SiteLock badge for your website and inspire client confidence

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        • CodeGuard
        • CodeGuard is a cloud backup service for websites. It tracks changes in your website and database on a daily basis. Restore your website to a previous version easily

        • DDoS Protected Hosting
        • cWatch Website Security
        • cWatch Web is a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) website security solution. It scans and removes malware. Easy to setup and what’s more, it’s affordable. Best security solution for websites.

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        • Enjoy the best email hosting services whether you are a small organization or a big enterprise. Affordable, reliable and simple.

Web Hosting Services

ZamaHost offers fast and reliable Web Hosting Services

Why should you use our Web Hosting Services?

ZamaHost is a unit of Zama IT Solutions Ltd. located in London, United Kingdom. It is established with a mission to provide world class web hosting services at competitive prices. Providing Higher DDoS Protection and implementing Advanced DDoS Mitigation system is our main goal. ZamaHost truly offers fast and reliable Web Hosting Services.

How did ZamaHost get its begins? An aggregation of gifted web engineers knew there must be a more astute methodology to reasonable, reliable and real hosting. Their individual and involved encounters with managed hosting met up to build an organization dependent upon robust innovation, astounding administration, and an objective to search out new results with the advancement of web engineering.

Client responsibility is the establishment of the ZamaHost business stage. We try to give our clients more terrific understanding into their web hosting needs, and to be accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We can provide a power of “enormous organization” server proficiency without the cerebral pains of dealing with the foundation. We likewise look to help new brand to the world of hosting, and in addition encountered tech gig who, for instance us, search for a more quick witted methodology to hosting.

In the event that you might want to contact a support team about how we can add quality to your web business, just contact us with your details.