Get the Right CodeGuard Plan for Your Website
CG1 Basic

$2.5 / Month

CG2 Professional

$4.75 / Month

CG3 Premium

$7.5 / Month

CG4 Enterprise

$15 / Month

CodeGuard Features
Cloud Backup that is hassle-free and secure
Easy Setup

CodeGuard is cloud-based. It does not require much effort to setup CodeGuard. In fact, it is very easy and quick to set it up. All you need to do is to add the connection details of our website to begin the backup...

Automatic Backups

Initially you need to connect your site to CodeGuard and then a primary backup of your site will be taken. CodeGuard continues to take backup of your data whenever changes to your website occur.

Regular Monitoring for Changes

CodeGuard monitors your website on a regular basis and if any change is detected, then a notification is sent alerting what was modified, added or deleted and also at what date and time. This way, you can know if any unauthorized changes are made to your website.

Easy Setup

With CodeGuard, you can restore your database or website to any of the previous multiple backup versions stored. You can setup CodeGuard in such a way to back up your site on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

How CodeGuard Works
CodeGuard works in a simple yet very effective way

Connect Your Site

To begin with, connect your website to CodeGuard via FTP, MySQL or SFTP and the initial backup will begin automatically.

Primary Backup

In this step, your website's initial backup is taken and in the course of this process, you will be able to observe the progress of real-time updates.


Once the initial backup is taken, your site will be monitored for any changes on a daily basis. A change notification email will be sent to you if there are any changes detected.

Backups Time and Again

Backups of your website are taken on a regular basis over and over again if there are any changes detected in your website or database.

Restore Website

You can restore your database or website to any of the previous backup versions. Restoring is very easy and free of any hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
CodeGuard is an online cloud-based website backup solution that backups your website or database in minutes. It also monitors you site for any changes and also alerts you if any changes occur to your website or database. CodeGuard can be extremely helpful in a situation where your website is every compromised. Regular backups of your website can be taken and you can restore your website in case if your site is compromised.
To start with, complete backup of your website is taken. After the initial backup, file-by-file backups are taken when there are changes in your files. Moreover, this entire process is done automatically.
CodeGuard takes backup of MySQL database as well. The process is very simple and all you need to do is to key in your database credentials and then CodeGuard will take your database backup.
CodeGuard is completely secure. Passwords and Backups are encrypted in order to offer the best possible security. Moreover, reliable connections such as SSL/SSH/SFTP are usually used.
You can access your saved backup along with detailed information and date stamp of every change from the CodeGuard repository. You can restore your website in a few seconds to the version you want from the repository. Moreover, you can download a zip file of your website’s content and choose only specific files or all files to restore to a particular backup point.
The entire process of backup is simple and easy and does not need any cronjobs to be setup.