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Learn about ZamaHost Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

Read about our Terms of Service

Learn about our TOS (Terms of Service) and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).


ZamaHost, consents to provide services depicted in the Service Order(s) to the client signed by the parties(“services”) subject to the following Terms of Service (TOS). Clients constitutes acknowledgement and consent to these Terms Of Service and all connections for using ZamaHost services. ZamaHost can make all reasonable deliberations to give a quality service to the Clients.


Check our privacy policy term.


List of sites that we do not allow include, but not limited to:

  1. Personal and business sites
  2. News, info-depositories and medical sites
  3. sites including: research, communications and knowledge, etc…


HYIP, MLM, Revenue Sharing, PPC and PTC sites are allowed at ZamaHost but only for DDoS Protected Hosting Packages. Regular/Shared Hosting Clients are not allowed to run these type of sites. Contact our team for more.

List of sites we do not allowed include, but not limited to:

  1. Illegal adult sites
  2. Proxy scripts
  3. Phishing & fraudulent sites
  4. Unlicensed banking sites
  5. Racism, violence or warez sites
  6. Child pornography of any sort of
  7. Sites distributing hacking tools, viruses, malwares, etc…
  8. Sites selling unlicensed software
  9. Hate sites
  10. Torrent sites
  11. IRC software
  12. Copyright names like banks, companies etc. are not permitted for hosting and domain registration. We will suspend/terminate/cancel the hosting/domain if any copyright domain is used by a client or if we receive a complain from the data center/domain registrar without any advanced intimation to client.

If we find that any of the above sites or any other kind of illegal sites are in our hosting or if we receive any kind of abuse complaint against such sites, then we will instantly terminate such sites without any warning or intimation.

KYC Details

If we receive any spamming, copyright or any other abuse complain for your hosting or domain or any other service from the data center, registrar or any official body, then we will suspend your domain/hosting/service immediately. The service will be activated only when you furnish your KYC details and documents.

Termination Policy

=> Shared Hosting and VPS
Your account can be terminated anytime once the Third And Final Invoice Overdue Notice is sent. Generally, we terminate accounts after 5 days after the Third And Final Invoice Overdue Notice is sent. But, this does not mean that you have to wait for the 5th day to make payment as your account can be terminated any moment after the Third and Final Invoice Overdue Notice is sent. This policy applies to VPS and Shared Hosting.

=> Dedicated Servers
If your payment is not received after First Invoice Overdue Notice is sent, then termination can be done any time depending on the rules of the Data Center. If you are having a Dedicated Server, then you need to ensure that you make payment before due date.

Backup Policy

No backup is available for Dedicated Servers, Cloud Services and VPS Services. It is the sole responsibility of clients to back up their data. ZamaHost will not be held responsible in any way for any misfortune of data or information defilement/loss. No insurance or legal claim would be liable upon any data lost. ZamaHost offers its services just to host websites and not to store information. Utilizing an account for online storage for archiving electronic files is restricted and will result in termination of hosting services without prior notice.

Daily backup is available for shared hosting only. ZamaHost will attempt all possible endeavour to provide a backup mechanism and keep complete backup copies of all shared hosting results. Then again, the client must keep a personal backup copy of its websites, software, databases and all hosted content. ZamaHost will not be considered responsible for any loss of data.

Data Recovery

Once your Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud Service is terminated, then it is not possible to recover your data.

Once you send a cancellation request for your service, then your data will be deleted/wiped and you will not be able to recover your data. So, take extreme care while sending a cancellation request especially when you choose Immediate Cancellation instead of End of Billing Cycle. If you make an Immediate Cancellation Request, then your account will be terminated immediately and all your data will be deleted and it would not be possible to recover the data. Moreover, we will not be responsible in any way for data loss or to recover your data due to this. It is the sole responsibility of Clients to ensure that they take backup of their data before they send a cancellation request for their service/s.

Available Refund Policy

Shared Hosting – Clients are eligible for 7 days money back only on shared hosting plans


The refund policy is not applicable for to hosting packages that have been upgraded from 7 Days Trial Hosting. Clients who have upgraded from our 7 Days Free Trial hosting to paid hosting will not be eligible for a refund.
Hosting refunds requests of below $100 will be provided as ZamaHost credit balance only.
Hosting refunds requests of above $100 can be provided to the Payment Processor through which payment was made.
Hosting Refunds can take up to 15 days to process.

SSL Certificates – All SSL Certificates are eligible for refund within 80 days from purchase with the following restrictions:

  1. Non-activated SSL certificates have an 80-day refund period from the purchase date.
  2. Once an SSL certificate is activated/issued, then you will have only 10 days to request a refund.
  3. SSL Certificates can only be refunded within 80 days of purchase, regardless of the activation date. For instance, if an SSL Certificate is purchased on 1st March, then refund is possible until 20th May (80 days). If the SSL certificate is activated/issued on 5th March, then refund will be possible till 15th March (10 days). On the other hand, if this SSL certificated is activated or issued on 15th May, then it can only be refunded till 20th May (80-day deadline/cut-off), thereby making the refund request window period less than 15 days for this case.


Email Hosting Services – Clients are eligible for 20 days money back for email hosting services. However, clients are eligible for the money back after the email service has been deleted from our platform.

No Refund Policy

The following services do not have any refund policy. So, we will not provide any refunds on the following services:
Cloud Services – No Refund Policy
Dedicated Server – No Refund Policy
VPS – No Refund Policy
SiteLock – No Refund Policy
CodeGuard – No Refund Policy
Domain Names – No Refund Policy

Payment Dispute/Claims

If any client opens a claim against us for instance in PayPal or 2CheckOut etc., then we have the full rights to instantly terminate his/her account/service(s) without any prior notice/intimation.

Maksa Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a company having different divisions offering different services. If any client opens a claim/dispute against any of our services or websites, then we can halt/cancel your service in any of the divisions. We can also terminate any service of clients from any of the divisions/websites if payment is due without any further intimation.

Abuse/Spamming/Copyright Complaints

If we receive any Abuse, Spamming (Unsolicited Mail) or Copyright complaints from the data center against any client, then we will take instant action against the concerned account and will terminate the account without prior intimation or notice.

Amazon AWS Cloud Services

If you purchase Amazon AWS Cloud Services from us, then you will need to make 100% advanced payment. Moreover, when your balance will be finishing, then we will send you a reminder and if payment is not made in time, then the service can be completed closed/discontinued without any prior notice/intimation.

Support Policy

We will provide support for products/services purchased from us only. We will not offer support for products/services purchased from any other provider. This includes support for SSL Certificates, Domains, and Hosting etc.

Downgrading Package

Upgrading of VPS/Shared Hosting packages can be done any time, but downgrading is only possible at the end of billing cycle only. If in case, the package is downgraded before end of billing cycle, then the client will not be provided any kind of credit in his/her account.

IP address

Any IP Addresses allocated to the Customer by Zamahost must be looked after by the Customer in an effective way as considered. Zamahost partner data centers would look after and control responsibility for IP addresses that may be allocated to the Client by Zamahost, and Zamahost maintains whatever authority is needed to change or remove all such IP addresses, in its sole and outright circumspection.

Instant setup

When you place an order for regular hosting at ZamaHost, your account is setup instantly and other procedures are completed quickly to get you started soon. For dedicated servers too, we do provide rapid services and launch your server immediately but it is not a commitment.

Free transfer

When you want to move your website’s data to ZamaHost from other hosting company, we would help you migrate everything for free. But, that offer is valid for new orders only. And only cPanel to cPanel transfers are serviced by us. So, we advise you to ask for support before you place an order if you are not sure.

Service support

World class services and prompt support is provided to all the clients of ZamaHost. For technical queries/questions, Average 1 hour response time for first response is guaranteed while Average 6 hours resolution time is assured. Take a note that this time is an average time. There may be the case, though rarely, when you are answered little late than this but on the other hand, your queries will be mostly solved much before the specified timings.

Resource usage

All the hosting account holders are highly recommended to make sure they strictly follow the resource usage rules of their particular account/s. Otherwise, we may have to take disciplinary action to maintain the level of our services and balance the resource consumption. Usage monitoring and limiting softwares are put at ZamaHost for Regular hosting account holders. If your any of your sites uses more resources than allocated and breaks any of the resource usage rules, then you’ll have to either upgrade your account or we have to terminate your account and ZamaHost is not bound to provide any refund for the same.

Mail usage

There is no specific limit for number of mails that members can send per hour/day for now. Hosting clients are allowed timely decent number of mails. Spamming is complete prohibited. So, only mails to the opted-in emails are allowed. Mails to purchased lists or emailing lists may result in suspension of account. Clients have to follow the rules of the content of the mails too. Please contact support team for more.


ZamaHost guarantees 99.9% Uptime to all the clients. However, it is calculated on network bases. So, down sites due to Hardware failures or Natural disasters are not covered in SLA(Service Level Agreement).

99.9% uptime ensures less than 8.76 hours/year, 43.2 minutes/month and 10.1 minutes/week of downtime. Company agrees to refund clients for downtime more than the calculations above. Server uptime will be calculated on yearly basis and server stats of ZamaHost will be considered final.


Shared hosting clients are not permitted to set cronjobs for less than 5 minutes.

DDoS reality check

ZamaHost servers provide one of the best services to save your site from DDoS attacks but protection against them is not 100% guaranteed. We always try our best to protect our clients’ internet assets i.e. sites and data, but we must state here that unexpected things may happen any time in our world. Today’s modern hackers can execute new methods and use different ports to attack your site. Though company’s DDoS filters are always updated to stop these, as they say, perfection can’t be achieved. We do pledge to always keep up to our words and do the needful though.

Payment & billing policy

Clients are supposed to make timely payments for the services/products they use. If they default the payment or do not make timely payment, then their service may be suspended or terminated. Similarly, termination may occur if clients’ payment gets reversed and is not received by the company. After the suspension or cancellation, there will be extra charges for the renewal of services. If any invoice is not paid in time by clients, then late fee will be applicable.

Payments Via PayPal/Payza

It is a must that you make payment from your PayPal/Payza account only. Payments made on behalf of someone will not be allowed at all. Moreover, if you are paying by PayPal/Payza, then it is a must that your ZamaHost profile details match with your respective PayPal/Payza profile, otherwise we will reject your order. It is compulsory that the Name, Address, Email etc. of your ZamaHost profile matches with your Payza or PayPal profile. Even if there is a single mismatch, then your order will be rejected. We will not accept any ingenuine payments from PayPal or Payza.

Service Suspension Date Policy

Our date works as per IST (Indian Standard Time). For instance, let’s say your service due date is 4th July. On 3rd July night, when the clock strikes 12:00 A.M. IST at midnight and if your payment is not received, then your service will be suspended immediately. So, please make your payment one or two days before your due date in order to avoid suspension of your services.

Auto Subscriptions and Pre-Approved Payments

If any of our clients are using auto subscriptions/recurring payments in any of the payment processors like PayPal, 2Checkout or any other payment processor and if they cancel their services with us, then it is their responsibility to cancel/stop automatic subscriptions/recurring payments to us because it is not managed by us but by a third party. If in a case where clients cancel their services and their auto subscription is on, then we will not refund the payment in any way but funds received will be credited to client’s ZamaHost account, which they can use in future for paying for any of our services. It will also be the responsibility of the clients to cancel their auto subscriptions to us in case if their services are terminated.

Payment obligation

ZamaHost Server equiepments, space and resources are reserved when client places an order. So, they have to pay their dues even if they do not use them partially/fully.

Trial Packages

ZamaHost’s trial packages are intended to let members test the services before they buy them. Rationally, a member can evaluate the quality of our products by a single trial package. So, our trials packages can be used by a member only once. And creating multiple accounts to take extra benefits is not allowed.

Security systems are in place and verification team would detect any attempt of multiple accounts. All of your accounts may be terminated in that case.

Hourly email limits (300 Emails Per Hour) are also placed for trial hosting packages to prevent spamming and other issues. Violating rules and breaking those limits may also result in account termination.

If member wants to upgrade to paid hosting once he has tested our trial hosting, they must upgrade before the expiration of package. Account is suspended after 7 days of trial and the account may be terminated any time after the suspension. Data is not recoverable after the termination of account. ZamaHost will not be liable for data loss due to account termination after trial expiration.

Trial Accounts Approval

We follow very strict policies for offering trial accounts. If there is any kind of mismatch like Address, IP Address etc., then we will not accept the Trial Order. Therefore, if you are ordering a Trial Account, then make sure you have genuine details.

7 Days Free Trial can be availed only once. If someone has already used the Trial before, then his/her Trial Order will be rejected.

Once an account is suspended, it will not be activated until payment is cleared.

No Spam Policy

The issue of spamming is taken very seriously here and we strictly follow zero tolerance policy on spamming. Unsolicited/commercial bulk mails to purchased mailing lists or lists that have not opted-in/subscribed for your site will result in account suspension or penalty of $200. ZamaHost maintains all authority to decide whether the recipients of bulk emails had opted-in or not. As clients, you must follow the rules of Can Spam Act and ZamaHost.

No Abuse

ZamaHost always tries to provide best services to all our users. Still, if something goes wrong, then abuse, defamatory or threatening language towards our company, organization, employees, staff or customers will not be allowed and tolerated.

Moreover, all forms of correspondence with our staff, clients or third-parties may NOT be imparted nor transmitted under any repealing circumstances on sites, web blogs, surveys, discussions forum, by telephone, in person or otherwise unless prior written consent was given by our organization. A violation of this provision will bring about any movement considered necessary at our sole discretion, including termination, suspension, cancellation, legitimate activity or different methods important to implement the privacy policy.


If customers have a reseller account, then only they can resell their resources (subject to all the terms of this Agreement) and Services provided by ZamaHost. Customer will not allow such customers to interconnect with other users in the Premises. Any Customer would not be allowed to purchase service in partnership. Resellers are responsible for supporting their clients. ZamaHost will not provide support to their Reseller’s Clients. If a reseller’s client contacts for any help, ZamaHost reserve the right to place the client account on hold until the reseller can assume their responsibility for their client. For security purpose, all requests must be made by the reseller on their client’s behalf.


Before joining as an affiliate at ZamaHost, all the members are strongly recommended to check our affiliate terms.

  1. Affiliates are not permitted to self-refer themselves or create multiple accounts to get the affiliate commission.
  2. ZamaHost may ask suspected affiliates to furnish identity proofs before awarding the affiliate commission.
  3. Use of proxies to login or register to the site may result in suspension of account.
  4. ZamaHost reserves the right to cancel affiliate commission or suspend the account if above terms are not followed by the affiliate.
  5. Commission for shared hosting or SSL certificate sale will be credited 9 days after the order.
  6. Sponsor will not get commission for those referrals who have availed free hosting/free package. Sponsors will also not receive commission for referrals who have got free hosting from a third party. The sponsor will also not receive commission on renewal of the free service. Sponsors will receive commissions only if their referral purchase a new product.
  7. The commission for payments made via PayPal will be available for withdrawal only after the dispute policy of PayPal is over.
  8. At the moment, Affiliate Commission are given only on Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. Commissions are not given in any other services apart from these 2 services/products.
  9. You need to ensure that an Affiliate joins under your account in order to receive Affiliate commission. You need to ensure that you contact your Affiliate before he or she makes a purchase in order to avail commission. The referral must reflect in your account in order to receive commission, otherwise we are not obliged to provide commission.
Limitation of liability

ZamaHost permits other customers to install their software and equipment in the premises. ZamaHost would not be responsible for any costs, damages or losses incurred by the customer or customer’s customer caused by such other licensee’s acts, software, equipment, or activities or failure to act. You agree that regardless of any claim or cause of action arising, any statute or law to the contrary out of or related to use of the Service or this Agreement must be filed within 3 months from the date such claim or cause of action arose or else it would be forever barred.

Client responsibility

The customer is solely responsible for the content and backup stored on and served by his servers. ZamaHost would not be responsible for any damage or misuse or loss of data, content or backup. Moreover we would not be liable for insurance or legal claims against any data loss. Clients are not allowed to use hosting account storage as a dump site or repository of files. Client will be liable for any type of claims where copyrighted content is found in client�s hosting account.

No Collaboration or Partnership

ZamaHost does not deliberate the parties to create or compose an agency, joint or collaborative venture, or partnership of any sort between ZamaHost and you. Nor should anything in this agreement be interpreted as composing or creating any such partnership, joint or collaborative venture, or agency between ZamaHost and you. We do not have any direct financial or other attentiveness in, nor in any manner “own” any online “store” or other online venture concerning to your use of services or equipment. ZamaHost’s relationship with you will be limited to matters concerning to the procurement of the ZamaHost Services as set forth in this agreement.

Force Majeure

ZamaHost may terminate this Agreement without obligation to you in any inevitable accident, implies circumstances or Incident beyond ZamaHost’s sensible control, whether or not predictable at the time of entering into the Agreement, in reaction of which ZamaHost cannot reasonably be needed to perform its commitment herein or otherwise perform its commitment under the Agreement. Such inevitable accident include, but are not limited to: war or civil war, acts of God, floods, insurrection, epidemics, fires, labor disputes, embargoes, governmental regulations and/or similar acts, termination or temporary unavailability of any computer software or hardware, server, or network through which the ZamaHost Services are provided, or on which the ZamaHost Services are located or maintained and nonavailability of any licenses, permits and/or authorizations required by governmental authority.

Intellectual property rights violation

ZamaHost strictly does not allow any violation of person’s or entity’s intellectual privacy rights, property rights, publicity rights or any other personal rights. ZamaHost is required by law to block or remove access to content showing up on or through the Services upon receipt of legitimate of copyright violations.

Communication information exaggeration

ZamaHost disallows misrepresenting, imitating, omitting, or removing message headers, Internet protocol addresses and/or return mailing information to hide or misidentify the origin of a message.


You can contact for any compalints or violation of TOS and AUP at [email protected]

Law and juridiction

This Agreement is governed by the laws of The United Kingdom pertinent in that. The Parties unalterably submit all disputes arising out of this Agreement to London courts, UK

Consequences of violation

Violation of this AUP will be subject Customer to criminal or civil liability. ZamaHost, in its sole discretion, can comprehend what action are taken in step with a violation of this AUP. If violation has occurred to this AUP, such activity might include, however is not constrained to, temporary or permanent blocking of access to Customer’s Equipment or information, and the suspension or termination of Services. Zamahost may involve and will additionally completely coordinate with law enforcement authorities in examining suspected offenders. Zamahost and its associates don’t have any commitment to give warnings under any circumstances and may terminate the client’s account without former notice if the client violates this policy.

Changes & rights

The Terms of services and the Acceptable use policy written on this page are subject to change. Company may need to make appropriate changes according to the circumstances to maintain world-class services and provide best products. Contents of the site, the plans and service/product prices may also change without prior notice. You are advised to check our Announcements page regularly.

Zamahost follows all legal procedures and works ethically. Your account information may be provided to corresponding legal authorities or investigating teams in case of claims to co-operate with them and get appropriate judgment.

Modification of Prices

The prices of our products and services are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to change the prices of our products and services any time without gving any prior intimation/notice.

cPanel License Reactivation Fees

cPanel, Inc (not us) will charge reactivation fees for those cPanel licenses of VPS Servers and Dedicated Servers that have been cancelled and purchased again later on. If any client has a VPS or a Dedicated Server, and if timely payments are not made for the Dedicated Server or VPS Server and if the server is suspended, then at the time of renewal of cPanel license, cPanel will be charging reactivation fees and we will charge these fees to the concerned client, otherwise the concerned client will have to purchase the cPanel license from their end.

Software License

Software License prices will be revised whenever there is a price increase from the vendor’s/upstream provider’s end or because of currency fluctuations etc. A separate invoice will be issued for the balance/remaining period if a client has paid in advance. The separate invoice must be paid immediately and failure to make the payment will result in suspension or termination of the software license.

Terms of Services
Terms of Services
Terms of Services
Terms of Services